Whether you have just bought a property that needs renovating or you are interested in doing renovations to your current home, JDC Builders are the team for you. With extensive experience in internal and external renovations we can provide our expert knowledge and insight to help you achieve exactly what you want. There is very little we haven't come across and provide trades for all aspects of building work including more specialised jobs such as Damp proofing and shale removal. It is always wise when considering renovation work to be aware that it can be at times messy work as well as intrusive with having workmen in your property for prolonged periods of time, one solution is to organise separate accommodation wile the dirty work is being done then moving back in once the cleaner finishing work begins, if having a break from your property isn't a option then maybe coordinate with your contractor to zone areas off for your comfort and switching into the completed zones once finished so work can begin on the zones previously being used as habitation zones.

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