Loft conversions

Loft conversions are a great way to add extra space to your home especially if you have limited space outside to provide a extension. When thinking of a loft conversion it is important to check the height of the highest point in your loft, you need 2 meters from the top tread of the stair to ceiling for planning permission to be granted (in some cases 1.9m depending on your local authority). Also it is wise to consider where you will put the stair case in some cases you may have room on your existing landing but if not then a other option is to use some space from a existing bedroom. There are many elements to planning your conversion another decision you will have to make is the dormer its self i.e will you have one large dormer on 1 side or even both sides or will you have smaller multiple dormers it could even be a mixture of both. Its important to note hear that which ever way you choose will have certain implications these would affect layout, head height and even ascetics.

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